Other activities

parapente 1Our valley, nestled between two Natural parks, offers countless routes, it’s perfect for practicing mountain , trekking , hiking tours or bbt . On any
specializing web site you’ll find many options. Here we highlight a few of them:

  • Mountain walk (7 km.) from Bakaiku to the top of Urbasa
  • Route of the dolmens in Etxarri Aranatz ( within 4 km. from Angoiko Etxea )
  • Area of the singular oaks in Etxarri Aranatz ( within 4 km. from Angoiko Etxea )
  • Visit to the Natural Park of the Sierra de Aralar from Lizarrusti interpretation center ( 12 km. from Angoiko Etxea ) and the path to Lareo reservoir

You can hire the services of a local guide (expert on native fauna and flora) to accompany you to make these routes or any other that interests us.

In our village there is bike rental service.

To 5 km. from Bakaiku there is a riding school where you can go horse riding.

For those who enjoy more intense experiences, there is the possibility of performing paragliding. Jumps are done from the top of Urbasa with landings near our house.

Some recommended visits:

  • Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar ( to 25 km. from Angoiko Etxea )
  • Visit to Brun Forges’ workshop and museum in Izurdiaga ( to 30 km. from Angoiko Etxea ) with their traditional forge, where you can even make some introductory course
  • Visit the Lacturale Cattle Interpretation Centre in Etxeberri ( to 20 km. from Angoiko Etxea )
  • Possibility of contacting with local farmers for visits to their facilities.
  • The municipal swimming pools of Etxarri Aranatz are open during the summer. They are located in an oak forest in a unique setting ( within 4 km. from Angoiko Etxea )